Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quilting with my BFF's

Do you belong to a quilt group or guild? If you don't, you should check out your area to see what's available. Some churches and even libraries have a dedicated quilting group. Quilt guilds can be found through your local quilt shops. If you don't have any groups in your area, consider starting a group. It doesn't have to be large or even a quilt guild.

Today, three friends and I met in the community room at our local library to quilt together. Leslie, Cheryl, and I brought our machines while Cathey brought her hand applique. Leslie worked on her on-going row quilt project from our 2010 row quilt class while Cheryl, a designer worked on pattern samples for her upcoming shows. I finished machine quilting a quilt from last year, put together a baby quilt top, and started a charm square table runner. Cathey worked on honey bee blocks for a group quilt.

Of course, everyone brought some snacks and bevereges and we all pitched in for pizza for lunch.

We started around 11 AM and sewed until almost 5 PM. It was a perfect day with uninterupted sewing, food, and friends. We talked and laughed as we worked on our own projects. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

We are going to meet once a month to just sew together. We are also going to work together to learn/teach new things. Cheryl showed us how a serger works today. Next month I'm going to lead a practice session on free motion machine quilting. Sometime we'll bribe our friend Mary Lee to come and do a mini workshop on EQ7. Maybe Cathey will help us become better hand appliquers and perhpas Leslie will help us to sew a more precise 1/4" seam.

When quilters supprt each other in a friendly and relaxed environment, there's no telling what can happen!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather a few friends, find a comforatble place to get together, everyone bring a snack to share, and tote your machines and projects for a day of fun with your pals.

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