Sunday, November 28, 2010

Magazine Features and Christmas Projects

WOW! I am so excited! My work has been featured in two magazines recently. It was an amazing feeling to see my completed quilt book, but now to see additional projects featured in populat quilt magazines is pretty awesome. Remember that song from Flashdance? Oh, What a Feeling? Well, that basically sums it all up. AND, I've got two more magazine features yet to be published in 2011....

Both magazines are available on the newsstand right now, so get your copy today!


Now, on to Christmas projects. Are you quilting for Christmas? I truly hope so because there's nothing as special as a hand-created gift tailored to the one who receives the gift. SO far, I've made a poinsettia wall quilt for a coworker, a snowflake wall quilt for one of my best non-quilting friends, and the really hip charm square bag for my sister.

The too-cute bag pattern, Madquilter's Charm Square Jewel Bag, is available free online: It's a little tricky the first time you make it, but stick with it and you'll have a great bag when you are done.

I also do some non-quilty Christmas projects. I really enjoy making my own Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments using paper crafting supplies.

I'll try to have some photos of my non-quilty stuff in my next post.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Get quilting and creating for Christmas!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Are you a forgetful quilter?

Sadly, I must admit to this fault. It's not intentional -- not at all. It's just that I get so much stuff -- cooler stuff, more fun stuff -- in my head that it crowds out other things. Like my email password. Or my facebook password. Or even reconciling my checkbook (it still has money it, so what's the point?).

I think I need a secretary to attend to all of those annoying little details of everyday life. Then I can create more quilts. What do you think?

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Survived Quilt Market anf Lived to Tell About It

Whew! I did it! I attended Quilt Market as a new author and I survived.

People had warned me that Quilt Market was huge, but I really had no idea until I was actually there! I mean, I've been to Early Childhood Education conferences before, but this was just too big to even fathom. Look at the photo. It only shows part of the trade show floor. The first aisle was 100 and the last aisle was 2500 or more.

My friend Leslie went with me to Houston. We flew out of Pittsburgh on Thursday. We couldn't beleive how quickly we made it through baggage check in and security -- it went very smoothly. I really didn't mind the flight, believe it or not. It was the second time I'd been in an airplane so I had some idea what to expect. I was quite fascinated with looking out the window (I was in the aisle seat). It was so surreal - like watching tv. Very cool! I saw the Mississippi River and it was really interesting with all of its smaller branches and inlets. We tried to take a picture but it didn't turn out very well.

On Friday, we went to Schoolhouse lectures all day to find out what was new and exciting in the quilt world. I gave my lecture, promoting my book, Orphan Block Quilts, right after lunch time. I was so very nervous -- especially when I got off track on my notes. But I think I did okay. It was a nice turn out and we gave away five books to participants. Although Leslie and I went to the lectures following mine, I really don't remember them -- I was just trying to calm myself down.

Saturday was our free day on the trade show floor. We must have walked like 10 miles that day. But it was great, we almost made it through all of the vendors.

On Sunday we finished going to all of the vendors and while Leslie went to some book signings/demos, I had two booth demos/signings myself. I intentionally did not plan anything for these events. I did it totally off the cuff. The people who came got really excited about the topic of Orphan Blocks which in turn made me get more excited about talking about them. Great people! Signed something like 40 books that day. Whew! Leslie and I made the rounds to all of the quilt magazines to introduce ourselves to them. It was great to put a face to the editors I've been working with!

OH! Almost forgot to mention that there was a room almost as large as the trade show with many different quilt exhibits in it. So, yes, we even looked at quilts!

We had a great time! I especially enjoyed the hot tub in our hotel!