Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

I've been watching the Olympics over the last couple days.  Have you?  I must say that I thought the Opening Ceremonies were quite amazing.  I really loved the way that Russia touched on  its very long history and showed its hope for the future.  I've also really enjoyed seeing the scenery surrounding Sochi.  What a lovely place.

Of course, as I watch the Olympics, I can't help but think about Nicholas and Nina Filatoff, the people featured in my latest quilt book, A Russian Journey in Quilts.  They lived in Southern Russian for a time, and although it wasn't Sochi, I can't help but wonder about their life while they lived there before fleeing to Constantinople and later immigrating to the United States.

I am also thrilled to see the "patchwork" theme of the Olympics.  It's on the flags and banners, it's features on the boards of the skating rink, you can see it at the top of the number vests worn by the skiiers and snowboards.  It's so exciting to see "quilts" everywhere!

Here's the link to a great article which was actually written in 2011 by my publisher, Doug Weaver, of Kansas City Star Quilts.  What's really fun is that this article inpsired me to submit my book proposal to Kansas City Star to begin with!

From Russia Quilts With Love

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I did!

Oh!  Before I forget......if you've been enjoying the Olympics, why don't you check out a copy of my book, A Russian Journey in Quilts? 

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