Sunday, November 28, 2010

Magazine Features and Christmas Projects

WOW! I am so excited! My work has been featured in two magazines recently. It was an amazing feeling to see my completed quilt book, but now to see additional projects featured in populat quilt magazines is pretty awesome. Remember that song from Flashdance? Oh, What a Feeling? Well, that basically sums it all up. AND, I've got two more magazine features yet to be published in 2011....

Both magazines are available on the newsstand right now, so get your copy today!


Now, on to Christmas projects. Are you quilting for Christmas? I truly hope so because there's nothing as special as a hand-created gift tailored to the one who receives the gift. SO far, I've made a poinsettia wall quilt for a coworker, a snowflake wall quilt for one of my best non-quilting friends, and the really hip charm square bag for my sister.

The too-cute bag pattern, Madquilter's Charm Square Jewel Bag, is available free online: It's a little tricky the first time you make it, but stick with it and you'll have a great bag when you are done.

I also do some non-quilty Christmas projects. I really enjoy making my own Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments using paper crafting supplies.

I'll try to have some photos of my non-quilty stuff in my next post.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Get quilting and creating for Christmas!

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