Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frightful Weather

Well, the weather is decidedly frightful, as the Christmas song goes. At the moment we've received about 16 or so inches of snow since last night. We will get perhaps another foot or more until this snow breaks in three or four days. Oh, add this to the four inches we had already. I won't be surprised if we ended up with hree feet of snow. It's really sad when your hometown is mentioned on the weather channel -- twice -- because of the foot of snow overnight.

Don't get me wrong, I think snow is lovely and wonderful as long as I can be inside and have nowhere that I have to be. Like work. Or the grocery store. Or the gas station. Snow only bothers me when I have to shovel it or attempt to drive in it.

One good thing about snow, though, is that it makes me want to either head down to my studio to get in some serious quilting or to curl up in my armchair with either a good book (and a quilt, of course), or some hand-sewing while there's either music in the background or a nice Christmas movie.

Okay, now reality intrudes...the cats are fighting. The dogs have to go out. Football is blaring on the TV. Dinner is burning. And the phone is ringing. Sigh. I can dream, can't I?

One thing I don't have to dream about right now, though, is a white Christmas. With perhpas three feet of snow, we might melt by spring. Maybe.

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