Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Quilt Victims

If you are a hard-core quilter like me, then your family gets a little tired of receiving "quilty" gifts after a while. Really, how many quilts does any one person need, anyway? So, then we know it's time to look for more victims, er, quilt recipients.

Over the years, I've found a lot of quilt victims. Here are some suggestions:

* Baby quilts and diaper bags for friends and co-workers.

* Work gift exchanges. I've always found that useful seasonal quilted items go over pretty well -- tablerunners with matching potholders or something like that.

* Weddings are always a nice occassion to make something quilty. When my editor got married, I even sent her a patriotic tablerunner (she was married around July 4th).

* Graduations? I am already planning my niece, Meghan's graduation quilt. She has already requested green and purple. This will be the one she drags along to college. She will graduate in 2012. One year seems so far away, but it will zoom by so fast.

* A new home or even remodeling? My sister is working on her new family room -- they are thinking about decorating with an Irish pub theme -- can anyone say Irish Chain??????

* Your workspace or someone else's. Recently, we did some redecorating at the community library where I work. We kept with bright primary colors in the children's area -- just right for a wall quilt featuring Dr. Seuss fabrics! I'm even going to use my left over fabric to create hanging organizers for our office (see Quilter's World Feb. 2011 issue).

* Yourself. How about a new bag or purse? Or a throw for the couch for watching movies this winter?

Well, hopefully this gave you a few ideas to spread out your quilty gifts. Try it. Your family will appreciate the break as well as the gift card they'll receive instead of a quilt!


Believe it or not, I am still trying to decide. I do know that I definitely want to include a resolution about blogging more often!

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