Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quilting Blahs

Have you ever had one of those days that you just can't decide what to do? Well, I've actually been having a few weeks like that recently. Then again, it was pretty much the whole month of May too. My "me" sewing time has been drastically shortened due to life getting in the way. I've made a few baby quilts for donation but not much else recently. It's like I have so little time and so much that I want to do that I can't seem to settle on a project and "just do it." It's not that I'm not interested,m I just can't seem to pick a project. I did make a few graduation gifts yesterday and today. Quilty "pad folios" as my sister calls them. The fun pink and green on is for the daughter of one of my best friends and the red, white, blue one is my my cousin's daughter who is headed for the Navy. A great project. It's called the Daily Doodler and the pattern is by This and That. It only takes a couple hours and you can use fabrics from your stash. In fact the only thing that I need to buy is a couple matching buttons for the front flap.

The folio has two pockets on the left, a pen loop, and a pocket for a legal pad on the right. The whole thing closes with a velcro tabbed flap. They are really cute aren't they?

Looking back, I guess I haven't been as nonproductive as it seems. I also quilted three quilts for my friend Cathey and submitted three designs to a magazine. Hmmm....maybe things are not as bad as I thought, but why is it when I approach my sewing machine and see the piles of things to do that I can't decide where to start?

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