Sunday, June 27, 2010

Purse and Bags Oh My!

Here are a few of my purses:

I've been on a quilty purse kick recently and I've made a total of 14 purses! Do you think that's a little over the top? I'm hoping to sell some of them so that I can go the Quilt Market in Houston, TX in October.

Making a purse is a nice change of pace from making a quilt. I like to pick a design that is quick and fun and takes less than three hours to make. Some designs I've gotten so comfortable with that I can whip them out in a little more than an hour. I can use up odd pieces of batting and small pieces of fabric from my stash -- I particularly like to use charm squares because lots of different fabrics makes texture and interest in a purse or bag. A pack of charm squares can be a purse just waiting to break free!

Purses also make great gifts for female friends who are hard to shop for. Most women use purses at least some of the time. Purses are also great gifts for friends who quilt. And don't forget to make one for yourself....or maybe three....

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