Thursday, June 3, 2010

Orphan Blocks


I haven't had a chance to blog for a while. Isn't it terrible that life gets in the way? Anyway, recently I've purchased some new antique quilt blocks so I thought I'd show them to you.

This is a partial set of star blocks that my friend Leslie gave to me. She bought them on eBay of course! She kept her favorite blocks and gave some to me too -- what a friend! Anyway, these blocks are circa 1860-1880. Hand pieced of course. Some great 19th century fabrics too, including early purples and madders of the time.

This set of 10 blocks are not quite finished yet. They are called many things but I'll call them snowball blocks for this blog. These are actually string-pieced snowball blocks from the 1930's. Wonderful fabrics -- lots of "feedsack" types. Blocks were hand pieced to old Montgomery Wards pages foundation and then the four sections were machine sewn together into the snowball shape. The foundations are still intact which makes for some really fun reading, too. I did find a date of 1936 on one of the foundations.

This is an interesting set of blocks -- ninepatch dimaonds. Hand pieced, from the 1890-1910 era. SOme great fabrics, including cadet blue wuth red floral accents, red and black prints, tons of plaids and checks, and even a few older fabrics like some Lancaster blues from 1860-1880.

This is probably my favorite set of blocks right now. Although unfinished, they have lots of potential. This is a set of wild goose chease blocks circa 1830-1880. Some really awesome fabrics -- very early. Even a few purples that haven't turned brown yet as well as pinks, madders, plaids, and some great greens.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a peek into my quilt block stash.


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  1. I loved seeing them. Don't you often wish you could get some of those very same fabrics today? I have one quilt top that is sort of a sampler of fabrics of the 1880s, and oh, do I wish some fabric manufacturer would come along and make those fabrics again!


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