Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Designing a website

Whew! I never really realized how much work it is to design a website. I set up a basic website a few months back and now I'm revamping it, and boy, it's taking me forever. It's only five pages long, but I've only got four pages completed. I think it's all the back and forth between pages and then pulling pictures out of my computer hard drive cave (it's dark and cavernous, you know). I'm even using a web hosting service that has the website templates and all the tools, but it is still time consuming.

I do know that I will be happy with it when I'm done, though.

I decided to revamp the site because it's less than 3 months until my book comes out and I wanted the website to LOOK GOOD. Of course, what looks good to me might not look so good to everyone else, but I'll keep my fingers crossed and will hold my breath that the website is presentable.

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