Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scary Machine Moments Force Intense Problem Solving

This morning I was eager to sit down and work on that brown and blue jelly roll quilt. I pin-basted the layers together on Sunday and even began machine quilting on Tuesday. So this morning I was ready to finish the quilting, dquare it up, and sew on the binding. I got everything ready, slipped into my quilting gloves and began quilting, but something was definitely wrong -- I had to forceably pull and tug the quilt around.

Aha! My feeddogs must be up for some reason. I checked them. They were down. OH! My bottom tension must be screwed up.....I checked it and it was fine. I re-threaded the machine -- twice. I checked the stitch quality several times and it was fine. I was running out of ideas when I noticed that my free motion foot wasn't going up and down with the needle.

FINALLY! I solved the mystery.....but then I wondered why. I adjusted the foot and tried quilting again and it still wouldn't bob up and down with the needle. So I took it off the machine and looked it over -- it looked fine except that the little arm that sits on top (this little arm makes the foot go up and down in synch with the needle)looked bent so I gently straightened it and that's when I found the problem -- the little arm was almost snapped through.

For a brief moment I panicked -- not my could I go on without my free motion foot?????? Then sanity returned and I realized all I had to do was buy another one so I called the shop and they had at least four in stock. Tomorrow I will replace my poor sad and worn out free motion foot with a spanking brand new one. Then I can finish this quilt.....

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