Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fabric Designer

Some blogs ago, I wrote about wanting to be a fabric designer when I grew up. Well......I finally have the chance. After months of communication, my contract finally arrived from Northcott Silk, .

I AM SO VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been interested in fabric design since early 2010 when I attended a trunk show and work shop by Mark Lipinski, who by the way also designs for Northcott. He was the first person I'd really heard talk about designing quilt fabric and I was interested to learn more.

When I had the opportunity to attend Fall Quilt Market in Houston, I decided to see if I could find out about being a fabric designer. The first company I talked to, told me you had to have a graphic arts background. I was quite disheartened when I heard that, but later fell into conversation for a salesperson for Northcott who directed me to their design director. I finally met up with the design director later that day and we had coffee. Happily I had a copy of my book and a few quilts with me (my portfolio, I guess you would call it) and I shared them with her. Surprisingly, she was interested.

That's how it started in a nutshell. I still can't believe the way things happen. It's amazing. Of course, I have a lot to learn, like the software program Northoctt uses for designing fabric, but I'm willing, able, and ready.

My first collection will come out in August or October and was inspired by my book, Orphan Block Quilts, so stay tuned.......

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