Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Good Morning Friends!

Today is Day 5 of Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop.  If you leave a comment on the daily blog from March 8th until March 14th, you will be registered to win a copy of my book, ORPHAN BLOCK QUILTS.  Also, while you're visiting, I hope that you'll become a follower so that we can stay in touch.  Don't forget to visit the other blogs on the Blog Hop, too -- there's like 200 of them!

This morning I found myself working on the binding for the memory quilt I blogged about the other day.  It's amazing how fast binding goes on a small project.  After an hour, I am actually done with the binding.  Now I only have to tack down the hanging sleeve and the quilt will be finished.  I hope my neighbor loves it -- I'm really happy with how it turned out.

After I'm done blogging today, I am planning to begin writing the instructons for two quilts headed to Fons and Porter Easy Quilts.  They are both throw quilts.  One used Marblehead fabrics while the other one used fabric from the Sweetcakes line from Riley Blake.  I really love working with Riley Blake collections, they are fresh and fun and they definitely fit my style.  What's your favorite fabric manufacturer and why?

I finally heard from my editor Kent, who is on  his way to a vacation in Mexico tomorrow -- LUCKY HIM!  Anyway, all fifteen quilts arrived safely last week and are now waiting to have the straight-on photos taken.  Kent said that the book is right on target with space and we should have plenty of room for the diagrams and photos.  WAHOO!  I was a little worried about this because it seemed like so much stuff to cram into 96 pages.

Here's a little nibble about my new and upcoming book with Kansas City Star Quilts:  THE STORY IN THE BOOK BEGINS IN RUSSIA AND ENDS IN THE UNITED STATES!

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  1. I find I'm making more small quilts these days - they're so quick to make and you don't need much fabric!
    A holiday in Mexico sounds fabulous - lucky Kent!

  2. What a perfect prize! My little group of quilters have decided to put our orphans together to make a charity quilt and this would make a great tool for us to pull it together!

    Thanks for the great prize!

  3. I'm glad you stopped by the blog so I'd know how to find yours. I've becoma a follower. I've always been partial to Hoffman Fabrics.I'll have to start looking for your quilts in the magazines.


  4. Glad the quilts arrived safely, I have been hearing more stories lately about missing quilts. I think there is even a website so it must happen more than I think.

  5. I don't have a favorite manufacturer. I just pick the fabric I like by the prints. :)

  6. Sounds like a history lesson of immigrants.

  7. I'd love to have your book in my quilting library!


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