Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabulous Fall

It's hard to believe that almost a month has passed since I last blogged! I do think about blogging, but when I finally have time to sit down and do it, it's old news. Do you know what I mean? This past month has been pretty busy as I've been working on promoting my book, Orphan Block Quilts. I've had book signings, a workshop, displays, and even a trunk show. It's lots of fun and I'm really enjoying meeting new people. At one of my most recent events, my fifth grade teacher came (she's just getting into quilting) -- she bought a book for herself and one for my sixth grade teacher too! It really makes me feel wonderful to know that some of my teachers still remember me (then I get to wondering why I was so memorable. Hmmm...). But, just the same, I think it's pretty cool. I'm proud to show them that I turned out okay and that I am doing something that I love!

Onto another topic...

Well, I don't know what fall looks like where you live, but here in NW PA, the leaves are turning into shades of red, orange, and gold. LOVELY.

Yesterday, my family decided to take a ride to enjoy some of the fine fall weather and the gorgeous fall colors. We decided to head for Kinzua Dam in Warren County, PA. It's about 1.25 hours away. The ride was great -- since I wasn't driving, I even brought a long a small quilt to work on.

Of course, when we went past a great quilt shop in Pittsfield along the way, it just so happened to be open, so we had to stop. After a little impromptu shopping, we continued on our way. The views at the Dam the Allegheny River) were so beautiful. I took lots of pictures. Please enjoy them!

The colors of fall make me either want to rake leaves and jump in them or else make a leaf quilt....

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  1. Gorgeous pics of PA! A lot like TN looked this year, but you have pictures to show and I have maybe 2!


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