Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm so Embarrassed.....

Well, I've been a lousy blogger this past month. I admit it!

Life has just been happening way too fast recently (if this is a real excuse). I've been making lots of fun and quick Christmas gifts (I promise, I WILL post pics, I WILL, I WILL...) as well as quilts for Quilter's World. I had two projects accepted for a new House of White Birches book on Pillows, too. FUN FUN FUN! So there's been no end to sewing in my studio. One of my favorite new gifts to make this year are cozy mittens made out of recyled wool and leftover fleece! So cute and so warm!

I AM VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I WILL BE WRITING A NEW BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met several publishers while in Houston for Quilt Market and submitted a proposal to Kansas City Star Quilts. I just found out the end of last week that they have accepted my proposal. My book will come out July 2013. So 2012 is really looking up for me!

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  1. Congratulations! I've also been too busy to blog this month. I'm just trying to catch up on my blog reading.


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