Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Programs and Lectures, Oh My!

Whew -- I am still recovering from last weeks craziness. I had the program in Warren, PA on Wednesday and then I did a lecture, "Saving History One Quilt at a Time" at the Library. Since I was going to talk about how to repair/clean/care for, I had to go digging for some examples to use in deep storage. I think I must have moved twenty 18 gallon storage crates to get to the ones I wanted to. It was worth it, though.

Once I had selected the quilts and tops that I needed to take with me, I began to notice all the wonderful fabrics in the quilts/tops. I was already inspired and I hadn't even taken photos yet.

The lecture went great at the library -- a small group, but very interested, nonetheless. Between their questions and the info I wanted to share (with examples, of course), I talked for about two hours. I was definitely tired after that. It never fails to amaze me how tired I feel after doing a lecture or trunk show -- it's like I ran a marathon (with my mouth/brain, I think)....

After the program I couldn't wait to take photos of the fabrics that interested me in the quilt and top examples that I had unearthed. The first evening I took around 180 photos. The second time I took around 200. That is a lot of inspiration for designing fabric and quilts.

Speaking of fabric design, I am hoping to have images of the fabrics in my first collection soon -- can't wait to share them!

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