Friday, April 15, 2011

Quilter's World Magazine and the Bethel Quilt Show

Well, somehow I did it again! The other day, I received an acceptance email from QW magazine and they wanted two of my quilt submissions for the Dec 2011 issue. WOW! Can you believe it???? I was very excited after reading that -- I had to read it a few times for it to totally sink in. Then my next thought was that I had to get to work because I had two quilts to make this time (but the May 30th deadline) instead of just the one that I've been dmaking. Don't misunderstand me -- getting accepting into a quilt magazine is a wonderful thing. I accept the challenge.

Today I went to the Bethel Church outside Franklin PA to set up my featured guest space at their quilt show, which will be tomorrow from 9 until 3. The quilts that I saw looked awesome and I'm looking forward to checking them out completely tomorrow. When you look at a whole room of quilts, it can be so overwhelming because of the huge amount of work that went into the quilts. It's a little daunting, don't you think?

Of course, I stopped at one of my favorite quilt shops on the way in order to pick out the last two fabrics that I needed for one of the QM quilts. On Sunday, I have a friends sewing day so I'm going to jump start these two quilts!

I'll take some photos at the show tomorrow and post them soon so check back in a few days.

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