Friday, May 16, 2014


Well,,here I am blogging Fromm Market in Pittsburgh.  Today was he first day of the show but yesterday was Schoolhouse.  if you've never attended Schoolhouse, you're really missing some intense and exhausting fun.  There are thirteen sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.  During each session, you get to select one program and then you go from program to program all day.  it's really quite exhausting but still really fun and often educational too because these lectures tell you about new products, techniques, books, programs, etc.

I had a Schoolhouse lecture yesterday but it was scheduled in the last session which is the least desirable  slot for the whole day!  I was promoting the Block of the Month program with my book, A Russian Journey in Quilts.  Although I was tired and the small but intrepid audience was also tired, we muddled through and I think there was some decided interest in my book.

So, anyway, today was the opening day of the trade show.  It was really a glorious day.  My friend, Leslie, accompanied me and we spent a fun laid back day.  We visited with some old friends and caught up with some newer friends.  We also made some new aquaintences too!

We caught up with Mark Lipinski and he remembered me for my book and Leslie for her Pittsburgh accent!  We chatted for a couple minutes and he told me that my book made him love Kansas City Star books again!  WOW!  Then he told me that I better get my stuff together and write another book!

I had the opportunity to meet the amazing and very talented artist Deb Strain, too.

Later, I was talking about my book with an AQS person and she was so touched by my book because of  her family history.  It was a very moving experience.

We stopped in to the Fairfield booth and I met up with my contact there, Fairfield is one on my sponsors.  We had lots of fun playing with their new product, Foamology-- have you seen it yet?  I want to add photos to this blog, but sadly I haven't figured this out on my iPad.

Well, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Ta ta!

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