Saturday, May 17, 2014

More Market

Today was day 2 of Market.  I had a book signing this morning and it was awesome.  Mark Lipinski stopped by to share a hug before my signing which was a great start to my day.  There was a great turn out for my signing -- we ran out of books but people were buying them from the booth!  Wow!  Got to talk to a lot of really nice shop owners.....hope they take my book. Ack to their shops to show their customers.  One of my magazine editors stopped by and brought Marianne Fons along.  Darlene Zimmerman even stopped by!  It was a great signing and got me really hyped.

I talked to a quite a few fabric companies because I'm still interested in getting back into fabric design so we'll see how things go.

My friend Leslie and I had dinner with our friends, Konda Luckau of Moose on the Front Porch and Machelle Preston, from Utah.  Quilt Market is so awesome because of the opportunity to meet lots of people who have similar interests and to make some great friendships along the way!

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