Saturday, May 4, 2013


Okay, I have a VERY IRONIC event to share with everyone.  I went JoAnn Fabrics in Meadville tonight to pick up a few things to make some doll clothes for a young friend of mine.  While there, I cruised through the quilt books and saw -- GASP!  Nine Patch Panache by House of White Birches.

 My quilt is on the cover of this book.  I've been waiting three years for this moment when my local store actually carried one of the books that I'm in.  So, I carried the two books from the shelf up to the counter, explained that it was my quilt on the cover, and asked if they wanted me to sign the books (which I've done in quilt shops before....). 

The cashier went back to ask the manager who then sent back this message:  she was not "authorized" for me to sign the books so I could not sign them.  Isn't that about the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard??????  EVERYONE knows a signed book is more desireable AND generally worth more.

Well, I guess this goes to show that local quilt shops are more supportive of designers, particularly local designers.  When my first book was published, I had several signings and trunk shows ay my local quilt shops.  I did contact JoAnn Fabrics about carrying my book at the time, but nothing ever came of that.  Nor did my local store ever contact me about doing an event. 

Let's keep supporting our local quilt shops because they support designers!

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