Saturday, May 18, 2013


It's scary, but my book is hurtling fast towards the anticipated July publication date.  I don't know the exact date.....  My editor Kent says we're a bit behind, but that we're still on target.

In the last week or so, Amy, my book designer, has been super busy at work taking my editor's rough draft and making it into a real book.  I am loving her ideas and so thankful that she keeps my ideas in mind as she designs.  So, now we have a book design plan and a tentative cover.  Wish I could show it to everyone right now, but  (SIGH) you'll have to wait a bit longer.

The biggest thing right now is that we have a space issue -- we need to somehow find three more pages for the rest of the book.  So, I've been doing some cutting and editing.  You know, it's really hard to chop sections out of your own work, but I'm gritting my teeth and doing it.

Right now I'm just starting to think about book signings, trunk shows,  and Fall Quilt Market.  I've been doing pretty good about getting the word out to magazines so far too.

Kansas City Star Books is a great publisher.  I just love how they've included me every step of the way.  Not all publishers are like that.  It's so awesome to contribute to the overall design of my book -- the layout, the way it looks, graphics, etc. 

OH!  I am so happy to announce that we're keeping my original title.  I really think this must be a very unusual thing.  My first book went through something like 6 name changes before Orphan Block Quilts was selected as THE ONE.

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