Saturday, July 7, 2012


Whew!! Do ya think it's hot enough yet? This afternoon when I left the library, the bank thermomenter stated that it was a steamy 101 degrees F! And in northwest Pennsylvania. Whoah! Like most parts of the country, we're having hot weather and little rain. So I found a way to beat the heat....quilter style. I crank up the air conditioning, grab an icy bottle of tea, prop my quilt on a TV table so it's not sitting on my lap, put on a favorite DVD, and work on binding. It's relaixing, cool, AND I'm actually getting some quilting done. On the other hand, on days like these, I'm glad my studio is a sewing dungeon located in the basement. It's at least ten degrees coller down there so all that I need is some background music -- keep spinning those tunes Cousin Brucie -- and an oscillating fan. How are you beating the heat?

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