Sunday, July 22, 2012

95 and Still Picking.....

Today my family and I went to visit a dear friend who lives at a personal care home. Oakey, who I christened "Dingaling" when I was a small child (we believe it came from the DIngaling" song from the 1970's -- he calls me Dingaling too) has always been like an adopted grandfather to me. I can remember Dingaling, my dad, and John (Dingaling's son in law and my dad's friend) taking myself, my sister, and John's daughter to the circus. It makes me smile to picture three men taking three little girls to the circus. I think my sister had to visit every bathroom on the way and I really don't remember much about the circus itself. Dingaling is 95 years old, er.... I mean young. Although he's suffered from several different cancers lost his wife last year and his daughter some years before that, he's still picking out sings on his two guitars. Today he serenaded us with an impromtu concert. He also likes to play his guitar for the lady residents at the home.....especially the new residents. What a playboy! My friend, Cheryl's mom, also in her nineties, goes to quilt guild meetings and still makes quilt tops. I can only hope that I have that much energy when I get older. I hope that I'm still able to quilt in some capacity.

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