Friday, February 15, 2013


I've been pushing really hard to wrap up my book and all of sudden it's the middle of February. Well,the end is nearing. Seriously. I've sent about half of the files to my editor already. If all goes well, I'll have everything to him by the beginning of the week. It's kind of scary, though. I've lived with this proejct for what seems like a really long time and in a way it's hard to share it, but I keep telling myself that when I hold the finished product in my hand, it will all be worth it. Today I played hookey and went to the "garage sale days" at one of our local malls. One of the first booths I went to had some quilts and I of course fell in love with one of them. So I adopted a wonderful Double Wedding Ring quilt top from the 1930's. I haven't really had a chance to look it over yet so will post photos soon. It's roughly double bed size and appears to be in pretty good condition. There's some general soiling but I'll wash it up and see what happens. Interestingly enought it is completely machine pieced (my kind of quilter!) and may I add well-done. The fabrics seem to have come from a deep scrap bag -- I even found a fewq turn of the century cranberry shirtings. It also has some wovens and silks too. A fun collection of farics in a traditional and well-loved design. Eventually I will finish it and have it long arm quilted. I've always wanted a Double Wedding Ring quilt. I do have some assorted vintage blocks but I was always a little scared to try to finish them. Recently, I've had quilts featured in several different publications, too. Stay tuned for photos!

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