Sunday, April 15, 2012


A few blogs ago, I mentioned an upcoming jelly roll quilt race......Well, race day finally arrived --- yesterday!

Our group, "Pennsylvania" against the "Chicago" group.

The contestants:

The Pennsylvania group consisted of ten sewers: Mary Lee, Leslie, Lynn, Sherri, Jill, Shirley, Evie, Gaynel, Debbie, and me (Tricia).

The Chicago group consisted of eight sewers: Phyllis (sister of Mary Lee), Vera, Erusha, Babe, Maureen, Kathy, Pat and Gwen.

We began the race at 10 AM our time (9 AM Chicago time).

Gwen of the Chicago group was the first to finish at a little over 1/2 hour! WOW -- she stitched like greased lightning! Congratulations Gwen -- you are the Queen of Fast!

The second overall finisher was Vera, also from the Chicago group. Vera was visiting her daughter (married to Phyllis's son) and new grandbaby and is from Tula, Russia! Так держать, Vera!

The third finisher was none other than our very own Jill from the PA Team! WAHOO, JILL!

Here are the rest of the quilts!

Debbie's quilt (PA):

Pat's quilt (Chicago):

Shirley's quilt (PA):

Kathy's quilt (Chicago):

Gaynel's quilt (PA):

Babe's quilt (Chicago):

Evie's quilt (PA):

Lynn's quilt (PA):

My quilt (Tricia -- PA):

Phyllis's quilt (Chicago):

Mary Lee's quilt (PA):

Sherry's quilt (PA):

Leslie's quilt (PA):

Maureen's quilt (Chicago):

Here's a photo of the whole Chicago group with their quilts:

We didn't take a group photo of the PA group. :(

Sadly, Erusha of the Chicago team had some machine issues and wasn't able to finish her quilt until she went home in the evening. Sorry Erusha....we're glad you finished your top though!

I have to give a special high five to Debbie of the PA team -- she is a brand new quilter and this was her first quilt project. Talk about trial by fire! Well done, Debbie -- welcome aboard!


Gwen of Chicago was the fastest individual, but PA won the award for fastest group finish.

Congrats to all of the racers......may all your dreams be quilted!!!

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