Thursday, August 26, 2010


My cat Grey (first photo) was curled up in the center of a sunny spot on my bed so I decided to join him and plopped down with my laptop to check my email. Then suddenly, my dog Gizmo (second photo) begs to come up too. Then, lo and behold, my crazy but adorable kitten, Pip (thrid photo) comes leaping onto the bed, landing halfway on my laptop keyboard and skidding across the bed.

Grey and Giz are really only concerned about snoozing in the sun while four month old Pip is having ball trying to play with my laptop. She begins by rubbing her face on it and then she tries to sneak in a nibble or two (she's in that stage where everything goes in her mouth). I watch her and tell her "no" when she starts to nibble. You can tell in the third photo that she had just been scolded for trying to eat my computer -- she looks a little sheepish.

My pets make me smile. When I'm working on binding or nadwork in my favorite chair in the living room, Gizmo insists on sitting with me, with as musch of the quilt under him as possible! Pip tries to eat thread, lint, and fabric and not necessarily in that order. She also tries to steal papers, scissors, spools of thread, or anything not nailed down. Grey is a senior citizen so he is much better behaved -- he can sometimes be found either draped across my feet or else sprawled on the edge of a quilt on the floor (the one I'm trying to sew binding on, of course).

I am surrounded by furries and they enrich my life. They are my first quilt-testers to make sure the quilts are comfy, warm, and soft. They love me even when I'm grumpy or have a bad hair day. With so much help, what more could I ask? Maybe stock in a lint brush company?

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  1. Okay, the blog posted my photos in the opposite order that I loaded them. Pip is the top photo, Gizmo the middle photo, and Grey is the last photo.


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